Why Choose Awakening-Nassau?

alcohol treatmentAwakening-Nassau provides a unique outpatient approach for dealing with the problems developed from the use of alcohol, opiates, cocaine and other substances.  We understand, on a personal level, what you are going through.  You are not alone.  We have helped many people just like you get better and reduce their life issues resulting from substance use.

Our treatment involves combining one-on-one counseling and encourages the use of nutritional supplementation and exercise to assist in the repair of brain chemistry impaired by substance abuse.

Awakening-Nassau treatment focuses on the whole person and emphasizes learning how to deal effectively with the underlying issues that lead to and perpetuate dependency behaviors

The four components of the Awakening-Nassau Program are:

  • Psychological– Using cognitive behavioral therapy to learn how to be happy once again without the use of substances.
  • Neurobiological– Addressing the biochemical component of chemical dependency with nutritional supplementation and, when medically indicated, using craving reduction medications such as Revia,  Vivitrol, Suboxone, and others as they become available.
  • Environmental– Addressing family or relationship issues; dealing with old “friends”; addressing legal or employment issues.
  • Spiritual– Awakening-Nassau recognizes that a spiritual component is helpful for many people seeking recovery and we encourage exploration of this component of recovery.

Our focus is:

  • alcohol treatmentBuilding and maintaining motivation to utilize alcohol abstinence or Harm Reduction of alcohol use
  • Learning to recognize the triggers for using and how to refuse to act on them
  • Learning new ways to cope with difficult situations and unpleasant emotions
  • Anticipating problems and planning healthy strategies in advance
  • Changing mental and emotional patterns that lead to unhealthy behaviors
  • Learning how to manage life’s problems in a healthier way
  • Goal setting to begin rebuilding a positive and satisfying lifestyle