DUI or Legal Issues Program

dui treatment programAwakening-Nassau provides a licensed substance abuse treatment program, often referred to as “DUI Treatment” or a “DUI Treatment Program”, to satisfy statutory requirements in the State of Florida for individuals who have been convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI); DUI amended to Reckless Driving; Refusal; Boating Under the Influence (if court required); and/or related arrests/convictions including individuals with multiple DUI related offenses.

Our DUI Treatment program includes the required psychosocial evaluation to determine risk(s) for future substance abuse problems.

Assessment and DUI Treatment

duiCall for information on cost and payment options. Sessions by appointment only. Call Awakening-Nassau in Fernandina Beach (904) 432-8798.

DUI programs are held as separate and distinct tracks/sessions from the Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) at Awakening-Nassau. The assessment and processing fee at admission includes all paperwork; correspondence with Northeast Florida Safety Council, Inc. (NEFSC); discharge summary; and verification of completion to meet compliance requirements of the State: Northeast Florida Safety Council, Inc.