Treatment Options

DUI or Legal Issues Program

DUI-imagesWe provide a State of Florida licensed DUI and OP alcohol/drug treatment program, often referred to as a “DUI Treatment Program to satisfy statutory requirements by the State of Florida for individuals convicted of a DUI or a DUI amended to Reckless Driving and/or related arrests/convictions including individuals with multiple DUI offenses.

Call us for information on cost and payment options.  Sessions are by appointment only. Call Awakening-Nassau in Fernandina Beach at (904) 432-8798.

The assessment and processing fee at admission includes all paperwork; correspondence with NEFSC; the court, probation, legal counsel and a discharge summary. Certificate of completion is provided to verify and meet compliance requirements of the State.

Outpatient Therapy

out-patientThis option is for patients who are assessed to meet the ASAM criteria
for outpatient treatment. They will be provided individual counseling sessions that utilize CBT and cognitive restructuring methods. Persons who are accepted into the Outpatient treatment option will be those whose alcohol or drug use has begun to seriously affect their health, family or quality of life and they are ready to explore changing their lifestyle.

Executive Programs

Awakening-Nassau provides a comprehensive and flexible Outpatient Program for executives, professionals, business owners, and upper-level management who are looking for a discreet approach to get help for a chemical dependency problem while maintaining their current position. Awakening-Nassau recognizes that key employees are vital to an organization. Our treatment approach is based on the latest scientific evidence and is highly individualized to allow the client to continue working and living at home.
In addition, public figures, health-care professionals, high-profile individuals such as corporate executives, government officials and others in the public eye may require special treatment plans with the utmost privacy. Our Confidential Executive Outpatient Program offers discreet counseling sessions.