Intervention Overview

The Awakening-Nassau Program is a well-established Intervention Program developed by Kathy Duke, a leader and innovator in this field for 30 years.  Her approach is designed to help individuals learn what causes them to use or return to using mood-altering chemicals in the face of certain consequences and to learn how to change their thinking to prevent a return to using and hence improve their lives.

The intervention approach is designed to help people be aware of the stages of change, determine how they want to change their life, and to manage thinking in order to improve relapse prevention skills.


Awakening-Nassau provides a supportive, real-life program that assists each person in their quest to learn a new way of life, free from the bonds of mood altering chemicals to deal with life.  This Intervention Program is designed to help individuals whose use of substances has begun to render them unable to stop the alcohol or drug use that is threatening to destroy their family; is placing their job in jeopardy; or has created legal problems.

Substance use can be managed when cravings are reduced, motivation for change is enhanced, techniques to manage cravings and urges are developed, and a healthy lifestyle is maintained through exercise and proper nutrition.

Awakening-Nassau believes in a holistic approach. The Intervention Program includes motivational enhancement to help each person move through the Stages of Change necessary to begin developing a new way of living.

We also encourage each person to utilize available sober support systems such as AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery or Smart Recovery to develop a safety net for them to use following intervention services. The Intervention Program is designed to help a person work through the stages of change and develop solid relapse prevention skills.